Partner insights: Visit Barcelona

Bon dia Visit Barcelona and thank you for the awesome collab! On this page you’ll find a few key insights in what we’ve been up to during our stay in Barcelona!

Insta Stories

At the moment the best way to reach an audience on Instagram is by regularly posting stories. As discussed, we’ve posted a series of stories for every day we explored Barcelona and showed our followers everything Barcelona has to offer. We visited gardens, museums, architecture and much more.


Views / story

Between 475 and 625 views / story


We asked who has been to Barcelona

81% had already visited Barcelona


We asked who wants to visit Barcelona in the future

26% has not been to Barcelona and really wants to visit

52% has already been to Barcelona but wants to visit again

Instagram posts + reels

“I want to go there!”

– me_maybeline –

“Wow, I want to go back!”

– rebeccapee –

“Oh wow, I wouldn’t mind being there right now.”

– nadienomtezien –
Follower reach

Post 1: 1470 people

Reel 1: 1043 people

Reel 2: 636 people

Post 2: 1012 people

Non-Follower reach

Post 1: 896 people

Reel 1: 365 people

Reel 2: 145 people

Post 2: 544 people

One of our reels was reposted by your Instagram account and reached 51.3k views.

Visiting Barcelona: a blog post

We wrote an extensive blog post about visiting Barcelona and included 35 must-do’s, best places to stay, our favorite restaurants and some usefull tips.

From our end, this has been an extremely satisfying collaboration! If you guys feel as happy about it as we do, drop us a note, because we’d love to work together again!

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